Laura Naples

Lyssa, 2021
acrylic on canvas
36 x 60 in

About the Artist

Laura Naples

A graphic designer turned painter, Laura Naples employs color, stroke, layering and varied use of media in an abstract style. Experimenting out of her Cleveland, Ohio studio, her work and surroundings are an evolving study in arrangement of movements, rhythms, and stimuli. Inspired by interiors, dance, and fashion, Laura's method often involves planning and studied composition. She is more at ease with order over chaos, but is thrilled by inspired episodes that drive the creative process on autopilot. 

“My work is said to have a peaceful energy—which I think accurately reflects the rhythms of my daily experiences as a mother, artist, and professional. It’s focusing on elements both in and out of my control, seeing their notable qualities, and arranging them into a satisfying entity.” —Laura


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