Ana Maria Mariani

Sunrise, 2021
sari silk, sari yarn, core spun art yarn, and wool on wood
46 x 46 in

About the Artist

Ana Maria Mariani

Ana Maria Mariani was born in the South of Venezuela, in the State of Bolivar. Daughter of Italian immigrants, her childhood was molded by the local natural landscape and the very contrasting sceneries of southern Italy; this brought forth her love for vibrant colors and textures that are manifested in these cultures. After completing her law studies, Ana Maria began her long and intricate relationship with art as her focus shifted to experimenting with painting, sculptures, and photography. In 2002 she moved to Miami and later in 2008 to Santiago, Chile. The stark differences between these two cities awoke her memories of the contrasts experienced between her native town and that of her parents. This shift in her life was expressed first in her paintings and later giving form to her wood and textile sculptures, covered in rich fibers, ever present in all regions of Chile. An important source of inspiration came from the study of works by Sheila Hicks, an artist for whom contemporary fiber art has been a significant passion. Her wood and textile sculptures mimic tree limbs that she saw bloom during the early stages of her life in the South of Venezuela as well as the Amalfi coast in Italy. Her passion for painting is just as strong as with the sculptures, expressing her vision of color and texture on canvas and wood with use of acrylics and oil. Her works can be found in private homes in Spain, Italy, Panama, Aruba, Venezuela, and across the United States. Currently Ana Maria lives and works in Winter Park, Florida where she continues to play with new colors and textures in her work through the use of textiles.


ANA MARIA Exhibitions

Sept 2017; Art San Diego - Art Blend; San Diego California; group show

Dec 2017; Miami Art Week - Spectrum; Miami, Florida; group show

Since March 2018, Contemporaneo Asheville, Asheville, North Carolina

Jun 2018; Stitch Lab Fashion show; Miami, Florida; group show

Since May 2019; Axiom Fine Art gallery; Winter Park, Florida

Nov/Dec 2019; 10 Cruces: Cesta Republica - Madrid, Spain; group show

Since Dec 2019; One Thousand Museum Building-Axiom Fine Art Gallery; Miami, Florida

June 2020; Congruence Summer 2020 Juried Exhibition (by Gallerist Bridgette Mayer) – ILikeYourWork Podcast

Sept/Oct 2020; Art Marbella / Marbella Design; group show; Marbella Spain

Oct/Dec 2020; “Art has no rules” exhibition by Blink Group Fine Art Gallery & Contemporary art Projects USA; Group show; Miami, Florida

Since Nov 2020; Armani/Casa Building-Axiom Fine Art Gallery; Miami, Florida

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