Aaron Hequembourg

White Iris
engraving on found objects
36 x 17 in

About the Artist

Aaron Hequembourg

Aaron Hequembourg was formally trained in engraving and printmaking on a scholarship to the University of Iowa. Upon graduating, without a press, Aaron started to produce abstracted figurative paintings engraved into wood panels. In 1997, Aaron and his wife Hope were married in the front yard of a farm that has been in her family since 1815. They proceeded to move into the farmhouse and have four children, over the course of their lives there, a family member suggested burning down the sharecropper houses that were scattered over the farm. First seeing the value of the wood Aaron began to salvage materials for his contemporary work, however after experiencing the history of the buildings and the objects inside them he was inspired to turn to his neighbors and community  for subject matter, paying 10% to each model with the sale of their pieces. It has changed their lives and his. The result is the most successful body of work he has ever produced.

25+ Best in Show Awards in Metropolitan Arts Festivals

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